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Felix + Fetch pet products are natural and made in the USA to ensure the highest quality for your pet.

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Naturally Calm Anxiety & Hyperactivity

Help keep your furry friend calm and collected with our tasty calming chewables. Made with wag-worthy natural ingredients that work to help relax your pet during stressful situations like thunderstorms, trips to the vet, separation anxiety, and more!

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Joint Health To
The Maximum Strength

Treat your pet to the natural benefits of this delicious chew, that has been formulated to help with joint discomfort and protect against further joint damage! If joint, bone, and ligament health is a major priority for your pet, now and in the future, this supplement is the one for them.

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Eliminate Plaque
& Bad Breath

Most pets hate having their teeth brushed. Thankfully, we have engineered a “no brush fix” with this easy home dental solution for your furry friend. Our all-natural water additive is completely tasteless and odorless, so even the pickiest of pets can't detect it!

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The Felix + Fetch Promise

We make choices for our families every day. We choose what to feed them, how to clothe them, and especially how to take care of them. Our pets are family too. They are the lovable, loyal, and trustworthy companions we create bonds with.

We stay true to our core values: quality, affordability, trust, and family. It is tough to find a reliable pet brand: so much marketing, so many displays, and high prices. We felt we needed a better solution. One that is focused on value, community, and loyalty.

Because when it comes to improving the lives of pets, it’s never a job. It’s a passion.

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Happy Pawrents

What Customers Are Saying

"We have a 12-year-old German Shepherd, and she was losing her mobility in her hips and right back leg. After a few weeks of joint strength chews, her leg stopped dragging so much and is in much better spirits. Worth the $$$ & she loves it!"

- Kristen M.

"My poor Cooper had trouble standing, sitting, and going up short stairs. My heart was breaking because he was in so much pain. Then we found these joint strength chews. Within 3 weeks, his mobility improved and his personality came back. I cannot thank you enough!"

- Vanessa T.

"My dog has really bad teeth and stinky breath. We started using the dental wash a couple weeks ago and it dramatically helped to improve her bad breath almost overnight. They drank this with no issue. Highly recommended!"

- Lisa O.

"Zeus has been active since I rescued him at 8 weeks old. Normally I love his energy but his middle of the night sprints we're getting annoying. I started giving him these calming chews before I go to bed and it has CHANGED MY LIFE. He now sleeps calmly all night!"

- Chris S.

"Both our dogs' breath was so horrendous, it stunk up whatever room they were in. We tried brushing and other products but it was still terrible. I bought Fresh Dental out of pure desperation and I’m so glad that I did! Within a few days of use, our dog’s breath smells normal again. Will buy again and again!"

- Ken D.

"My 60 pound boxer is terrified of loud noises and rain. Nothing I did or tried helped. A friend recommended the calm + comfort chews and the first time I saw a storm was coming I gave her some. She was calm, stayed on her bed (vs hiding in the bathroom), and was not trembling. Finally, she is such a happier dog now. Thank you Felix + Fetch!!"

- Lauren W.

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