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Vet Recommended


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Probiotic Chews For
Gut Health Support

Ever since using these probiotics for my dog Lucy, her GI issues stopped and her ears don't itch anymore. Her stools look healthy and the constant itching is gone. Thank you Felix + Fetch!!

- Mary Hendrix

  • Promotes Healthy Digestion
  • Allergy + Immunity Support
  • Maintains Healthy Poops
  • Coprophagia Prevention

Ever since using these probiotics for my dog Lucy, her GI issues stopped and her ears don't itch anymore. Her stools look healthy and the constant itching is gone. Thank you Felix + Fetch!!

- Mary Hendrix

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Just The Good Stuff - No Harmful Nasties

Just The Good Stuff
No Harmful Nasties

Happy Felix + Fetch Families

"This absolutely helped my very large German Sheppard and his upset tummy, itching and diarrhea, he has taken this daily for the last 3 months and it has completely changed his life. These chews are a miracle!!!"

Jessica McLeod

"I appreciate this product. This is not my first felix + fetch product, I also use the salmon oil daily and my dogs coat is soo silky so I knew the probiotic would be reliable. My dog takes two daily and the jar lasts for a month. Great product and highly recommend. I LOVE these chews!"

Caily Edelson

"I decided to send in my review because I have NEVER seen anything that works as well as Felix + Fetch. I thought my dog’s constant itching was untreatable. However, after giving him these amazing probiotic chews for only a couple of days, he barely scrathed! He is living his best life!"

Will Schulman

Is Your Dog Suffering From
Allergies, Bad Gut Health or Itching?

At Felix + Fetch, the health of your pet always comes first.
Help neutralize the side effects of allergies and poor gut health in your dog today.

Itching & Scratching

Allergy problems are the 1st sign of a bad gut and start deep inside the body - from an unwell gut.

Loose Stools

Unbalanced bacteria in the gut can cause runny and unhealthy poops in your pet.

Poor Gut Health

An overwhelming amount of bad bacteria and yeast can cause diarrhea, gas and bloating.

Apart from the obvious problems caused by these symptoms, the lack of active living also has a negative impact on other facets of your pet’s health.

  • Low Energy Levels
  • Poor Overall Health
  • Reduced Life Span

Discover The Vet Approved Formula That Helps Your Pet Get Back To Living An Active, Happier Lifestyle Again!

Psst : Did you know 1 in 4 dogs eat poop? A behavior formally known as "Coprophagia".

Introducing Felix + Fetch
Tummy Health Chews

These probiotic chews have been formulated to provide a unique blend of vitamins & digestive enzymes to help balance "good" and "bad" gut bacteria. The powerful blend of ingredients in these tasty bites help promote a healthy digestive system and keep your bestie's tummy in optimal health.

These natural treats do more than just relieve allergies and digestion issues. Pets remain active, boosting their energy levels and overall life span!

Upgrade to Felix + Fetch Today!

The smarter way to invest in
your pet’s health

  • Relieves

    Boosts Immune System

  • Supports


  • All


  • Tasty


The Key Benefits

Made from all-natural ingredients containing a powerful combination of ingredients and digestive enzymes that work together to reduce itching and improve gut health.

Soothes Irritated Stomachs

Reduce allergic reactions by decreasing intestinal permeability and controlling inflammation while strengthening immunity.

Regulates Pet Digestion

Our high quality blend of probiotics help support proper gut function against occasional diarrhea, gas, and bloating.

Balances “Good” and “Bad” Gut Bacteria

This even balance helps prevent your dog from eating their own feces when they have an unbalanced microbiome.

Benefits Beyond Gut Health


More Playtime & Fun
For Your Pet


Supercharge Energy
Levels & Less Fatigue


More Comfort For Your Pets


Improved Life Span &

That Make An Impact

Just The Good Stuff - No Harmful Nasties

Just The Good Stuff
No Harmful Nasties

Recommended Dosage
For Best Results

The chews can be given as a tasty treat or crumbled onto their food. Please ensure that this chew is given with a meal and use the feeding guide provided below. Do not exceed the stated dose.

Up to 20lbs


Soft Chew

21lbs - 40lbs


Soft Chews

41lbs - 80lbs


Soft Chews

Over 80lbs


Soft Chews

For Best Results, Use Consistently For At Least 4-6 Weeks Daily* (Best In AM and PM).

Why Choose Tummy
Health Probiotic Chews

  • All Natural

    Contains a powerful combination of all-natural ingredients which work together that may reduce itching and improve gut health.

  • Delicious Flavor

    Soft, chewy and bacon flavored so they're easy to give as a tasty snack that your pet won't turn down.

  • Made In USA

    Promoting our products naturally and in the USA was our number one priority. Pet Pawrents can't get enough of these powerful treats!

  • Vet Recommended

    Over 20 different ingredients are jam packed in these probiotic treats and recommended by vets for a healthy lifestyle.

Real Pets, Real Results

Very impressed!

It really helped our 10 yr old dog Sammy with her lifelong skin issues. Her hair was starting to get brittle and fall out. After literally five days of these treats, her skin is healing and her hair is growing back. I’m SHOCKED with the results and can’t recommend F+F enough!

Maggie L. | Phoenix, AZ

Already ordered another jar!!!

My pup loves getting his daily probiotic ‘treat’. These chews have reduced if not eliminated his frequent itching and the tummy issues he would get are a thing of the past! If your doggo suffers from similar issues I highly recommend you get your fur baby some of these.

Reese V. | Tampa, FL

Love these so much!

My dog's poops look healthy and her ear problems seem much better now! Felix + Fetch really has done it again with giving my dog new life.

Matthew T. | Los Angeles, CA

Don't waste your money on any other brand!

These are the best probiotics I've found for my dogs. I’ve probably tried 8 different types of “probiotic” treats and had no luck. I decided to give these a try and THEY ACTUALLY WORKED!!! No more loose stools, much less itching and skin problems, and their energy level is great. Already on my third jar!

Amanda B. | Columbus, OH

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