Dogs are similar to humans in many ways, some important ways being they need good nutrition, proper sleep, and exercise! You might be wondering “how much exercise does my dog really need?” After all, we don’t want to overwork our pups, so let’s look at how much exercise your dog truly requires! 

Why is exercise so important?


Exercise is not only beneficial for your dog’s physical health, but also their mental health. Dogs have A LOT of energy (especially puppies!). If dogs don’t get to burn off their energy, they could start exhibiting destructive behaviors such as digging holes, excessive barking, or chewing up household items. Inactivity also leads to obesity, orthopedic concerns (such as arthritis), and mobility issues. 


How Much Exercise Does My Dog Need?


The amount of exercise a dog needs varies depending on their breed, age, and health. Younger dogs and puppies need a lot of exercise to release their energy, whereas an older dog might only need moderate exercise. Dog breed also plays an important role. Herding breeds will need more exercise due to their active nature, as well as breeds that are prone to obesity, such as pugs. It is important to research your dog’s breed to find out how to give them the best workout routine possible, as well as taking their age into consideration. You don’t want to overwork a sick or elderly dog. Talking to your vet about your dog’s specific needs is extremely beneficial. 




Things to Keep in Mind:


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