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About Us

Our passion, your pets.


We make choices for our families every day. We choose what to feed them, how to clothe them and especially how to take care of them. Our pets are family too. They are the lovable, loyal and trustworthy companions we create bonds with.

Felix + Fetch was created by a family of pet owners. We came together and saw a chance to build a community of like-minded
pet lovers.

It all started with our family, and we want to share our story and help your families live healthy and happy lives. It’s really simple. Felix + Fetch helps pets naturally.

We have researched and hand-picked all of our ingredients, ensuring to provide planet-friendly products for your lovable four-legged friends. Our pets can agree; the snacks are delicious.

We stay true to our core values: quality, affordability, trust, and family. It is tough to find a reliable pet brand: so much marketing, so many displays, and high prices. We felt we needed a better solution. One that is focused on value, community, and loyalty.

We wanted to build a pet brand for pet owners. Love should be easy. That’s why we ship to your front door. Our community is growing. You should come along for the journey.

Because when it comes to improving the lives of pets, it’s never a job. It’s a passion.

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Our Passion, Your Pets

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