Summer time is HERE and that brings with it some fun activities to do with your pet! Swimming is a super fun summer activity, however it is important to do it safely. Check out these 5 tips for keeping your furry friend safe while they swim:

1. Don't Assume

Many people think that dogs are natural swimmers, but this is not always the case. Make sure your dog is comfortable swimming. Not all dogs swim for fun. For example, if your dog has short legs and a large body, they will swim to survive but will probably not enjoy it.


2. Purchase a Life Vest

Life vests are a perfect option for keeping your pet safe in the water, by providing buoyancy and visibility. Make sure you get one that is both comfortable for your dog and fits them well.

3. Watch the Temperature

Never let your pet swim in extremely cold water, as they could suffer hypothermia. If the water is too cold for you, then it is definitely too cold for your dog.

4. Keep Hydrated

Swimming is strenuous for your pup, so make sure to keep him or her hydrated! Add some of our Fresh Dental Formula to your pet's water to keep them hydrated while improving the hygiene of their mouth by whitening teeth, freshening breath, and removing plaque and tartar.


5. Use Caution at the Beach

The beach is not always the best option for your pet. Sand can be very hard to get out of long fur and they could step on jelly fish or broken shells. The beach could also have parasites or roundworm eggs. If you do decide to head to the ocean, make sure to not let your dog swim far enough to be taken by the current. If it is not safe for you, then it is not safe for your pup and accidents could happen very quickly.