Cancer in pets can be scary and often times come on very quickly, after all they can't communicate with us when something is wrong. We've put together five ways to help keep your pet in tip top shape and prevent cancer.

1 - Schedule Regular Vet Visits

Regular checkups allow your veterinarian to perform a complete physical examination, which can identify abnormalities as well as establish a baseline that can be used for later comparisons.

2 - Exercise Your Pet Regularly 

Simply put, get them moving! Every day if possible. Regular exercise will keep your pet mentally stimulated, in shape and helps lower their risk of health problems.


3 - Become an Expert on Your Pet's Breed

Did you know that certain breeds of dogs and cats are more prone to different diseases, including cancer? Research your animal's breed and become an expert on them as well as diseases that are common in your pet’s breed.

4 - Avoid Smoke, Lawn Chemicals and Asbestos

Just like people, exposing dogs to harmful lawn chemicals, asbestos or even second hand smoke can increase their risk for developing many different types of cancer. If possible keep your pet away from all these harmful nasties.

5 - Ensure Balanced Diet with Proper Supplementation 

Feeding your pet a balanced diet provides them the building blocks and energy components to grow properly, develop to their potential and stay active throughout their life. Just like humans sometimes our pet's diet can have nutritional gaps, and for this is where supplementation can come into play.

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